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“You shall be a Holy Nation-Kidoshim Teyihu”


A Holy Nation
In the Torah Hashem commands us to be a Holy Nation. This commandment takes many forms. It is understood that both the nation of Israel and the Jewish people have a responsibility to act in a “G-d like way”; to make the world a better place.
Elsewhere, our Rabbis say that the world stands on three things. The study of Torah, our personal worship and prayers, and acts of loving kindness.
I was thinking about this today, when I read that Zaka- an Israeli first response organization was granted official advisory status by the United Nations on Nongovernmental Organizations. Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon said “That this reflects Israel’s moral values as a light onto the nations”.
Our girls at Lev Lalev live with this principle. They are involved in several “chesed projects”, visiting the elderly at the nearby Home for the Aged, and volunteering at the Laniado Hospital where they visit young chronically ill children.
Lev Lalev’s director of volunteer activities recently told me that the girls eagerly look forward to doing chesed every week and especially before the holidays. She told me that Sara, a sixteen year old orphan girl who lost her mother when a rocket exploded in Sderot several years ago serves as the chesed head, and is “always looking for ways to help others by giving them hope and friendship”.
It is this spirit and moral compass that motivates our girls to do good. It is reassuring to know that our extended Lev Lalev family from over fifty countries throughout the world helps to provide for our girls in their special activities and in everything they do. We thank you for partnering with us.
It says in our sacred books “To save just one life is to save an entire generation”. Thank you for giving each of our girls the second chance they so desperately need. Todah Raba- much thanks
Shimon Pepper-www.levlalev.com

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