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                                                                                                                     Ten Ways to help our Lev Lalev Israeli orphaned girls “24/7”

Share our email updates, with your friends, family, and neighborsHelp to sponsor an orphaned girl’s Bat Mitzvah and put a smile on her face
 Visit our e- store online; to purchase items including holiday cards
 Host an educational parlor meeting for the orphaned girls
 Consider becoming a monthly, ongoing donor
 Help an orphaned bride through our Hachnasas Kallah Bridal Fund
 Share your birthday with one of our unfortunate orphaned girls
 Contribute to the success of one of our high school graduates through our stipends for Higher Education Scholarship Program
 Order, fill, and return a Lev Lalev Tzedakah box; your spare change can help “change” a young desperate orphaned girl and give her a second chance
 Consider joining our Lev Lalev “Leave a Legacy” program. It will benefit us today and help us ensure our future.

A Success Story

Several years ago, Sara and her mother went shopping in the Sderot marketplace for back to school clothes and supplies. A homemade rocket fired from Gaza exploded. Sara’s mother died immediately, right before her eyes. Sara was only lightly wounded physically, but her emotional pain and despair was devastating. Left as an orphan, she had no home- no family- no place to live- and nobody to care for her. Orphaned at the young age of nine, the Israeli government asked us at the Lev Lalev Orphanage to give Sara a HOME and we have…. Today, Sara is a bright and happy high school girl living at the Lev Lalev Orphanage in Netanya. Over the summer, she served as a camp counselor and mentor in our expanded and special safe summer program. She knows firsthand what acts of terrorism can do to destroy a family, and therefore, she was especially helpful with “our guests” from the South who came to us temporarily to be out of harm’s way during the onslaught of hundreds of missiles. Sara, now settled in our loving home, is capable and interested in giving back- in sharing with others. While it’s a great challenge to work with young girls like Sara, it’s a privilege and a wonderful feeling to see them happy and successful.

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  1. seymour chaaiken

    Tell me more about the legacy program

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