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Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday I was privileged to officiate at the baby naming ceremony of our Lev Lalev friends Beth and Alex. May their daughter Chaya Beryl (and her cousin Annabella) grow up in peace and happiness and may they bring their parents and their entire family much joy and nachas.
Later in the day my five year old grandson and I went to a local park. He loved the tunnel but I was thinking tunnel-Gaza- deaths- war.
At night I had a very unusual and disturbing dream in which my wife and I were being chased during the Holocaust.

This morning I got an email from Jay Sanderson executive director of the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles. The subject simply said: “We remember Max Steinberg”. Max was an LA native who moved to Israel in 2012 to join the IDF and was killed Sunday in Gaza. He was a member of the Golani Division of Israel’s Defense Forces.
And later today we received an email at Lev Lalev which in part read “G-d’s blessings have rained upon me an amount I do not wish to disclose. I would like a list of items that your orphaned girls need at Lev Lalev and I will respond as Hashem wants me too”.

Life is a rollercoaster with ups and downs, triumphs and failures, ecstasies and agonies. It seems that this summer has more ups and downs then usual and they are steeper and more treacherous. Yet despite the road blocks, each day as we awake, we give thanks to Hashem for our blessings and for His protection. And then we must set out to make Him proud, as we attempt to make the world a better place. So- when I got to my office I both figuratively and literally opened the blinds to see the sun shining down upon us. Now as the day progresses I am once again focused on the needs of the orphaned and disadvantaged girls in Netanya, Israel and their friends who have joined us over the summer from the South. May Hashem protect them from evil and danger. I pray with all of you that the conflict will cease, and that Hamas will accept the cease fire. And I pray that Hamas will recognize that violence is not the answer.

May tomorrow bring us peace and serenity in Israel and throughout the world.


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