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We need you: Israel and Lev Lalev


One Hundred Eighteen years ago today Joseph Beidennham bottled and sold the first glass of Coca Cola. There is a Jewish joke that there are two things that are everywhere in the world. One is Coca Cola and the other is Lubavitch Chabad. Let me add that at Lev Lalev we also have donors and friends from all over the world. Over the last several months new donors from Kenya, to Northern Ireland to Malaysia found us on the website. Beyond the financial support that our orphanage receives from people from diverse geographic locations, there is a wonderful and warm message that accompanies these donations. As Jews and Israeli’s we are profoundly thankful that we have friends from throughout the world. In geopolitical terms, politicians frequently say that Israel is in a very bad and hostile neighborhood, surrounded by no fewer than twenty two bullies (countries that don’t appreciate a Jewish state in the Middle East. It’s tough to live in fear and with anxiety and to know that we have friends who care about our well being is gratifying, and important. Likewise, our girls at Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home in Israel often feel isolated and alone. To know that they have a worldwide family of friends, and supporters helps to build their self esteem and their courage.

When our girls sit down for their Purim meal next week (with Coca Cola not Pepsi) and when you do the same let’s remember that in a world with a narrow bridge (Gesher tzar Meod), we need friends to help us get across that bridge.

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