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As I was scrolling through the TV channels last night, I came across something quite extraordinary. The national anthem was being played through sign language; then the high school football game began between California School for the Deaf and its opponent. Believe it or not California School for the Deaf won the game 44-0. They were an exceptionally well disciplined team lead by a deaf coach. ESPN which broadcast-img_0379ed the game had a few intervals of silent broadcasting to demonstrate how the deaf players and fans viewed the game. I haven’t visited Israel’s blind and deaf museum in Tel Aviv but just this weekend someone suggested how incredible it is, and how it is a must see.

The message for all of us is that we can rise above life’s challenges. At Lev Lalev our goal is to inspire our girls to reach new heights. Last night’s contest demonstrated that hard work, faith, and determination can make a crucial difference in our lives.  We have a choice- we can say it’s impossible………. I can’t do it because……… or we can use our grit and fortitude to succeed.

This Shabbat we begin to read Beraishis- the creation of the world. We see that man struggles- but has the ability to overcome. Thank you for helping our girls now and throughout the year. Over 1,500 people donated during the holiday season; but our work goes on 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Thank you so much for partnering with us, and for making Lev Lalev your personal connection to Israel.

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