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Two Simple Words…


Thankfully with your support, and through the generosity of 4,916 contributions, we have been able to accomplish the following at Lev LaLev’s Children’s Home in Israel this year…

Twelve great successes in the year 2012:

  1. Began the healing and rehabilitation process for nine new girls who we took into the Home.
  2. Instituted a new Pet Therapy program which has been extremely effective.
  3. Provided computer instruction and a new ‘homework helper’ program, to enable the girls to keep up with their studies.
  4. Opened up a new physical education room complete with state of the art equipment, as a healthy body helps to ensure a healthy mind.
  5. Expanded our music, art, and dance programs which culminated in a play that the girls performed to the public in Netanya.
  6. Gave the girls a fun and unforgettable summer camp experience.
  7. Completed 32 twinning projects with Lev LaLev Bat Mitzvah Girls.
  8. Provided new clothing wardrobes to the girls for each season, and for the ‘chagim’ (holidays).
  9. Celebrated holidays with special events and trips to enhance each girls experience and childhood memories.
  10. Helped two brides with financial support through our special Bridal Fund.
  11. Continued to provide a warm home environment to each and every one of our girls through the dedication, hard work, and love of our devoted staff.
  12. Initiated the Building/Expansion program by raising sufficient dollars to fund the ‘Infrastructure Cost’ . (We will hopefully be able to purchase a new facility for more girls through a successful 2013 campaign)

Thank you from all of our girls. Your generous response has made a  world of difference!


Gavriel Rosenberg
Executive Director
Lev LaLev Fund

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