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Two Brides, Oceans Apart, both Close to my Heart

Like other brides, there was plenty to learn when I first got married. One thing was the value of ceiling fans in the kitchen and dining room, handy solutions when trying to masquerade a burnt dinner. Another thing was frying onions at the time my husband was expected home. Nothing evokes the notion of a delicious supper than the aroma of fried onions. They’re even delicious in tuna sandwiches, a quick substitution for a charred meal.

Another thing I learned is that the years fly by. Fast. And before I knew it, the small children with whom we were blessed by G-d eventually became old enough to have opinions, take final exams, drive, and go to college. Suddenly, the little girl who only yesterday clung to her favorite blanket in her crib was telling my husband and me that she had found the man she wanted to marry.

It turned out that a good friend of ours, a woman I knew for years who had watched us raise our children, had thought of a great boy, only a few months ago. And just recently, they married.

I think there might be too much heightened emotion at the moment for me to clearly relay the feelings of a parent marrying off a child. In one instance, I feel like an observer, watching divine assistance weave a tapestry of events as each day unfolds. On the other hand, I feel the intensity of the transformation, as we separate ourselves from thinking of our daughter as a little girl and escort her into this new, wondrous phase of her life. We are filled with thanks to Hashem that we have arrived at this point.

At this pinnacle moment of our lives, because of my position here at Lev LaLev, I am also painfully aware of the needs of our girls at the Home, especially our latest kallah, Naava. She grew up without parents to provide for the basic needs of her new home. Without a mother to occasionally stop her within the whirlwind of wedding preparations to hold her tight and express love and pride.

In just a few days, on Tuesday, September 1, Naava will be celebrating her marriage. As you can imagine, everyone at the Home is bursting with happiness. Still, there is also bittersweetness. How can we possibly help her start her new life?

Mazel Tov to Naava and Yitzchok on your engagement! (Images have been changed to protect the identity and privacy of our beneficiaries.)

Like other brides at the Home before her, Naava and her husband, an orphan as well, and even her future children, are counting on us. Let’s not let them down.

Let’s reach within our hearts and do whatever we can to show Naava how much we care. Let’s allow her the chance to build a home where her own daughter can one day receive the same kind of love and support that every new bride deserves.

Mazel Tov!

Rachel Weinstein
Director of Development

Naava’s wedding day is just around the corner – Thursday, September 1st! She still needs $16,300.00. Make your contribution TODAY!

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