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Their Prayers are Special

The orphaned girls from our Children’s Home in Netanya will be visiting Jerusalem and the Kotel/ Western Wall on Thursday, May 28th. What greater personal intervention can you have than the heartfelt prayers of the Lev LaLev girls?

The Torah tells us that Hashem hears the cries of widows and orphans above all others! Our girls will pray for peace for Israel and mankind, for personal strength, and will offer prayers of thanks for each of you. I encourage you to share your name, and the names of your loved ones. Our girls will then include you in their prayers.


Jewish charity is bilateral. Even those in need give back.Tzedakah is much more then charity. It is a dynamic action which brings the donor and the recipient closer together. As part of our educational platform we encourage our orphaned girls to pray for others, even people they may not know. We hope that this exercise gives each of them an appreciation of others and allows them the opportunity to say  thank you to donors, supporters, and friends.

www.levlalev.com/kotelprayerprayer at kotel

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