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The Power of Prayer


The snow and ice in New York this winter (which seems to me like Gods response to those who have emphatically declared that Global Warming is a fact) has given me the opportunity to read more than usual. I was quite surprised while perusing a book about the history of the E Day June 6, 1984 that the President of Lord and Taylor in New York closed the famous department store as the American Troupes were landing in Normandy, France. He said “I want all of you (3,000 employees) to stay home and Pray”. At Duke University Medical Center doctors recently published a paper in which they said that “those who pray live longer with Cancer then those who don’t”.

We at Lev Lalev Children’s Home in Israel believe very strongly that prayer is an essential element in our lives and the lives of our Orphaned girls.

Our girls pray daily- and several times a year visit the Kotel in Jerusalem to pour out their hearts for themselves and for those who assist them.

Each Shabbat we have a special Tehilem (Psalms) reading at the Orphanage.

Our staff and madrichot also pray for the welfare of our donors and friends whenever we visit the Kotel.

On our website LevLalev.com we have a Kotel prayer tab. Feel free to use it and ask that we pray for you. We consider it an honor and privilege to do so. Thank you and may all of the prayers be answered in the affirmative.


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  1. princess

    A Prayer request: please pray for my Daughter Stacey that her marriage be restored with her husband Manuel, that God would give her a new heart of renew
    for her Husband, in love, in obedience and that her Husband should have the same renew to his wife, for the sake of their children.
    Also pray that my son Sydney humble himself before God the father, that he sin not before him in his weaknesses, and that he remain faithful to his wife Evelyn for the sake of their children. Thank you for your support.

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