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The Lives of Policeman Matter

The lives of policeman matter

The lives of Blacks, Whites, Indians, and “All people of color” matter

The lives of Jews and Gentiles, Believers and Agnostics matter

The lives of the Elderly and of children and their families matter

The lives of orphans in Israel and all over the world matter

23e2bc04ec249b1b47a560c7a09bf6f4It says in the Talmud that there are three partners in a birth, the man and woman, and Hakodosh Baruch Hu. Each person has in him or her the divine spark. On this day of sadness…. As we woke up to the news of the execution of five police officers in Dallas, Texas….. Let us pray that there is calm and peace throughout the world- peace in Israel, peace among all nations, and peace in our homes.

Shabbat Shalom- may this Shabbos serve as a springboard for peace, security, and happiness for all of us…. As we say in unison AMEN.

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