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The “Giving” Tree

Yesterday we reached out to our Lev Lalev family to let them know that our girls from the Orphanage in Netanya, would G-d willing, be visiting the Kotel in Jerusalem next week. We encouraged them to send us their prayers and our girls would pray for them when they visited the Kotel. Many did and I’m sure we will receive many more over the next few days.

Besides strengthening our connection to our worldwide network of friends, we ask our girls to pray for another important reason. It is to give back- to appreciate what others do for them; to be a “giver” even if circumstances require you to sometimes be a “taker”. This lesson helps to train our orphaned girls to see the world in a balanced way. They not only receive but they give. Last December we received a donation of close to a thousand dollars from an Israeli woman who grew up in our Home. She explained to us that as she was giving Chanukah presents to her children she felt strongly that she should also give back to the Orphanage that had protected and nurtured her for almost five years.

This is an important lesson one which builds character. It says in the Talmud that the “giver” gets more out giving then the “receiver” gets out of getting. A few more quotations found on the internet make the same point. “It’s not about how much we give but about how much love we put into giving”. Sir Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”. “One of my favorites which come from the Talmud is: “Just as my father planted for me so I too plant for my children, my children’s children, and for all eternity”.

So- let us continue to give. It is a blessing. It is tikun olam. It is a Mitzvah and it provides a legacy and a lesson for others to follow. May you be in a position to always give generously and lovingly.


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