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The Apple doesn’t fall from the Tree


Over the weekend I was delighted and excited to see the Jewish newspaper called the Forward. In it, the editors identified twenty six inspiring Rabbis. Among those named were my son-in law Rabbi Eliyahu Fink of Santa Monica- Venice Beach, California and my close friend and learning partner Rabbi Aaron Fink, Eliyahu’s father from Monsey, New York. What makes this unique is that they were the only father-son team listed.

Obviously the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. To appreciate this in a multi generational context, Eliyahu’s grandfather (Aaron’s father in law of blessed memory) was deeply involved with the Klausenberger Rebba in helping to put together the funds for Laniedo Hospital and the Lev Lalev Orphanage in Netanya, Israel back in the early 1960’s. Aaron’s father too was a pulpit Rabbi for many years. On a personal note I am very proud that my daughter Tova who married into this esteemed family.

There is an important lesson that we can all learn from this. When the roots of a family are strong, even a great wind or an earthquake cannot bring it down. Passing the Shalshelet (link) from one generation to another is awesome. Unfortunately, the opposite can occur. Many of our girls at Lev Lalev come from families where this link has been broken. Sometimes this is because of illness, and poverty. Sometimes the parents are weak or G-d Forbid they have died at an early age. It is our responsibility to provide the shalshelet that has been broken. In so doing we establish a new link which has the ability to start a new generation. It says in the Ethics of our fathers to save one person is to save an entire generation.

What an amazing thought! Just as my son in law has learned from his father, so shall our girls learn from their Lev Lalev family as they establish strong roots which cannot be torn down by a storm.


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