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The 3 R’s times 2

I made a visit back to my home town of Fall River, Massachusetts a few weeks back. My visit was covered in the local press and it has given me reason to think about COMMUNITY and how it shapes our values

For our dear and dedicated Lev LaLev family it is obvious that we are a community- interested in helping Israel- Jewish Orphans- and  young  girls in need. 

 The community I grew up in trained me in the three R’s  : reading “ righting “and” rithmatic”

 Our Lev LaLev community focuses on three humanistic  R’s  : Rescue-  Rehabilitate and Renewal

 So thanks for being part of our helping community:What you do makes a critical difference in the lives of our girls.

 Click here, if you would care to see the article about my return visit to the Fall River library.

 Shimon Pepper, MSW

Chair, Building and Expansion Campaign

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