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Our Children are our Future: A Succos message

IMG_1791 (32)

We read in the Torah this past Shabbos about the special mitzvah of Hakel. Hakel refers to the Biblical commandment of assembling or gathering all Jewish men, woman, and children, to hear a special reading of the Torah by the King of Israel once every seven years. It says “At the end of every seven …

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July 4,1976

US flag

As we approach the American Independence Day I am reminded of July 4, 1976 for two distinct reasons. It was America’s two hundredth anniversary. My wife and I and our then young toddler, Devorah, celebrated the day at Fort McHenry in Baltimore. On display, is the original United States Flag which was draped over the …

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Passover Is Just Around the Corner

For our Israeli girls at the Lev LaLev Orphanage in Netanya, Passover not only means the traditional Seder meal, but it is also the time when each girl receives her much needed spring/summer holiday wardrobe. www.levlalev.com As Pesach approaches we need to give all the girls at the Home a very special holiday boost and …

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No Pesach Blues for Me

  When I was in elementary school I always looked forward to the first assignment of the year, which was to write a paragraph or an essay about “how you spent your summer vacation”. Besides helping me improve my writing skills, this exercise gave me a chance to reflect on the ten glorious weeks in …

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Worldwide Network of Friends

    In our last blog we applauded the amazing response we received from James in Virginia. Not to be outdone we received the following email overnight from a friend in Arizona. He wrote: Dear Shimon and special regards to all the girls at the Lev Lalev Orphanage in Israel, “Todah rabbah for your great …

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Extraordinary People; Extraordinary Response

  I was in the middle of sending out personal email wishes to our Lev Lalev donors, when I received an email from a young man in Virginia. James has been donating to Lev Lalev Orphanage in Netanya, Israel, for five years. His checks are not large but he does give almost every time we …

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Faith after the Holocaust

  My daughter is spending the year studying at a seminary in Israel. As part of their program the girls travel to Poland to get a firsthand experience on Jewish history. Today, her first day in Poland, the group visited Treblinka, one of the most horrific death camps. Parents are receiving daily messages and updates …

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Hershey PA, March 1962

  There is no I in the word team. In short, we at Lev Lalev, work together to ensure the success of each and every girl.  Each year when March the 2nd arrives I think about this statement. Here is the background. On March 2nd 1962 Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia Warriors scored an unbelievable …

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Retired Therapist and Gulf War vet visits the Home in Netanya


Valerie Knowles did not need more than smiles and giggles to communicate with our girls during her recent visit to the Children’s Home. Spending her afternoon at the Rubin-Zeffren Home, she and her friend Eileen Lowey met our Programs Director Bracha Runes who gave them a grand tour. Valerie, who is a retired colonic therapist, spent …

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Will you be at their bat mitzvah next year? Win a free flight to Israel!

American mitzvah girls at the Feb. 2013 gala

VERY exciting news! Thanks to a suggestion from Baila’s mom (see this month’s mitzvah profile) we are adding a new raffle contest to our mitzvah project program. Starting from this month, for each $100 a bat mitzvah girl raises, her name will be added to our annual ‘Fly to the Gala’ drawing. The winning name receives 1 free …

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