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Second chance to give them a second chance

There is a little known holiday in our Jewish calendar called Peach Sheni- the second Passover. In the times of the Holy Temple if you were unable to participate in the Passover ceremony in Jerusalem, then the Rabbis established this holiday one month after Passover to give people a second chance.At Lev Lalev we give …

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I have a (some) dreams too

This week, I was thinking about the powerful speech that Martin Luther King gave at the Lincoln Memorial on August 28, 1963. His remarks had a powerful impact and helped to stimulate social change in America. He was killed on April 4, 1968, forty eight years ago. His words continue to motivate people to do …

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Israel flag

Am Echad B’lev Echad-One people, One Destiny


Michael Rhodes of Passaic, New Jersey wrote an inspiring Dvar Torah on our Lev Lalev Facebook page. With his permission, I am sharing this beautiful thought with you. The message is so deeply important, particularly today. What we accomplish can only be accomplished through unity. We thank Michael and each and every one of our …

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Great Miracles happened there


In preparation for a lecture I will deliver at the local community college tomorrow, I was thinking about “great miracles that happened there during my lifetime”. Each of these is connected to the establishment of Lev Lalev, and the work that we do to help the orphaned and disadvantaged girls in Israel. The establishment of …

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“You shall be a Holy Nation-Kidoshim Teyihu”

IMG_1789 (30)

  A Holy Nation   In the Torah Hashem commands us to be a Holy Nation. This commandment takes many forms. It is understood that both the nation of Israel and the Jewish people have a responsibility to act in a “G-d like way”; to make the world a better place.   Elsewhere, our Rabbis …

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Having grown up just thirty miles from Plymouth Rock we were keenly aware of the holiday of Thanksgiving with all its traditions. The turkey dinner (I wonder what they served at the very first American Thanksgiving dinner on February 21, 1621) was the center piece of the holiday. Our high school football rivalry occupied our …

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This past Saturday night in the dining hall of the Lev Lalev Girls Orphanage in Netanya, Israel our girls reacted to the terrible and shocking news with cries of anguish but also with words of faith. “We must stand as one against terrorists wherever they strike and whoever they kill”. “We should go to the …

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Black Out

black out

Fifty years ago today, on November 9, 1965 there was a tremendous power outage the Northeast corridor of the United States. 30 million people and 80,000 square miles was affected by the power disruption. After an investigation and multiple sinister theories it was determined that the cause was human error. Maintenance staff on the Canadian …

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Help Israeli Brides This Chanukah


When you light the Chanukah Menorah please keep in mind the plight and difficulties of Israeli orphaned girls. By donating to the Lev Lalev Bridal Fund you will be doing a great mitzvah and will be helping poor orphaned girls at a crucial time in their lives. Without families to help them, our Lev Lalev …

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