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Here are three wonderful gestures from our Lev Lalev family; “the next generation of friends and supporters”. We received the following letter yesterday. Dear Lev Lalev, This past summer in our day camp in the Mountains twenty eight girls preformed the musical Annie. Annie is the story of a young orphaned girl with lots of …

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Setting A Goal and Achieving It

  With a few hours remaining before the ball dropped at Times Square we at Lev Lalev were about $12,000 short of our fundraising goal. Then  in the last two hours before midnight  we received two large  gifts which cut the short fall to $6,000. I knew that there was one additional gift on its …

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You Think You Know Where U R Going In 2014??

  “Funny things happened on the way to Shabbat last week”. Two of my grandsons were coming to visit from Providence. They were being driven by my cousin who was on his way to visit his parents in Cherry Hill, NJ. However, his car overheated and he was unable to make it to New York …

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Two Simple Words…


THANK YOU!! Thankfully with your support, and through the generosity of 4,916 contributions, we have been able to accomplish the following at Lev LaLev’s Children’s Home in Israel this year… Twelve great successes in the year 2012: Began the healing and rehabilitation process for nine new girls who we took into the Home. Instituted a …

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Being Relevant is Being Alive


I’m not sure when it happened, but somehow we all transitioned from carefree summer days into the solemnity of the High Holiday Season. There we were, perfecting our backstroke and barbecuing, when suddenly we became dizzied with school supplies and the search for a fish head. Very soon, we will be standing next to our …

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Sun, Surf and….School???


This may be a bit of a shocker, especially if you’re relaxing by the pool as you read this. So get a good grip on your pina colada as I point out that, here in the US and other parts of the world, we’re just weeks away from another school year. Ooops! Did that jolt …

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Tu B’shvat: Celebrating the Very Best of You


Happy New Year! New Year for trees, that is. Today, Wednesday, February 8, 2012, is the 15th day of the month of Shvat, Tu B’shvat, which commemorates the sap of new growth that has begun to flow in the innermost chambers of the dormant tree. Just when all vegetation seems frozen or dead, the tiniest …

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Chances of a Lifetime


She told me she wanted to die. Standing at the curb, all it would take was one step into the flow of cars a few feet away. Just one foot off the curb,…..then…. SMASH. The sound of twisting metal and bursting glass snapped her out of her trance. She stared at the car that had …

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A Joyous New Year For All


Donate now, end 2011 and start 2012 on a great note! Join hands with Lev LaLev, you can make a difference in the lives of these girls! Thank you so much for all your support over the past year! Happy New Year!

In 2012, Remember: Nobody’s Perfect


This may come as a surprise to a lot of people – especially my mother – but I have to admit that I’m not perfect. At this moment, breakfast dishes are soaking in my kitchen sink (yuck) and there’s a laundry basket filled with socks waiting for their designated partner, some of which have probably …

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