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Great Miracles happened there


In preparation for a lecture I will deliver at the local community college tomorrow, I was thinking about “great miracles that happened there during my lifetime”. Each of these is connected to the establishment of Lev Lalev, and the work that we do to help the orphaned and disadvantaged girls in Israel. The establishment of …

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Rosh Chodesh Kislev: Our girls are off to war

Israeli APCs get instructions before leaving a base in Kissufim, next to the border with the Gaza Strip, southern Israel, 15 November 2012. (Credit: EPA)

“Is everyone ok? Do you have a home? Was there any damage?” These have been just a few of the questions in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Surely, the most popular is: “DO YOU HAVE POWER????” and if so, you are admired like royalty among a society struggling to return to its former self, sometimes …

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Surviving Sandy

Hurricane Supplies

At Lev LaLev, we’re surrounded by miracles that stretch from our office here in Monsey, New York, all the way across the Atlantic and onto the shores of Netanya, where our Children’s Home nurtures our girls. Astute readers of this blog will recall an entry from almost one year ago when I shared my own …

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