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From Tragedy to Triumph

One of our donors from New York emailed me a picture and a short caption of Ludwig Katzenstein, a ninety year old Holocaust survivor who he recently met in a nursing home. I couldn’t resist sharing it with our dear Lev Lalev family. The note from Mr. Weinstein said that Ludwig escaped to America from …

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From Ashes to Rebirth

Erev Shabbos 10 Elul Friday, September 5 Seventy- five years ago this week, Germany (and the Soviet Union) invaded Poland. This marked the beginning of World War Two. Over 10 million civilians and a similar number of soldiers, died during the six years of the war, making it the most deadly war in history. The …

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The Apple doesn’t fall from the Tree

  Over the weekend I was delighted and excited to see the Jewish newspaper called the Forward. In it, the editors identified twenty six inspiring Rabbis. Among those named were my son-in law Rabbi Eliyahu Fink of Santa Monica- Venice Beach, California and my close friend and learning partner Rabbi Aaron Fink, Eliyahu’s father from …

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A Legacy of Giving: Honoring Our Late Founder, Grand Rabbi Yekusiel Yehuda Halberstam, the Klausenberg Rebbe


Lev LaLev Honors the Late Founder of the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home Grand Rabbi Yekusiel Yehuda Halberstam, the Sanz-Klausenberg Rebbe, of blessed memory, on the 18th anniversary of his passing 1905: Rudnik, Poland – 9th of Tammuz, 1994: Netanya, Israel On the shores of the majestic Mediterranean Sea, the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home stands as a living …

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First Days at the Orphanage

Sisters at the Home celebrate together with loving support and friendship

I receive Google alerts. One of them is for “Israel girl orphanage”. It often does not result in many posts, but yesterday I was alerted to the following article: An Orphan in Pre-State Palestine The Israeli film industry is growing in popularity, and this latest film by well-known Israeli film connoisseur Dina Zvi Riklis, entitled The Fifth Heaven, is a period …

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The Passover Seder: Bonding Generations of Children to Our Legacy of Faith

France in the late 13th century, a small family holds its seder - Therese & Mendel Metzger, “Jewish Life in the Middle Ages.”

I love Passover. Despite the strenuous efforts to prepare for it: cleaning, organizing and shopping, I still love it. Monsey is vibrant today as throngs of people strive to make this holiday the most joyous ever. But long lines and crowded parking lots can challenge this perspective, especially when coupled with lack of sleep. In …

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Horror, Heartache and the Eternal Spirit of Survival

Gunther left, Werner right

I always look forward to posting here as an opportunity to focus on how our partnership is achieving extraordinary things for our girls each day.  But as happy as I am to be with you, my heart is heavy from the news of the murders in Toulouse, France. A teacher, his two children, ages 3 …

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To Enter the Heart of the King


Only hours remain until we usher in Purim, the happiest day of the year! As we tie up the loose ends of our mishloach manos (beautifully wrapped gifts of food for our friends) and put finishing touches on our children’s costumes, we are hoping that those around us get the most out of this holiday. …

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From a Flicker to a Flame


Chanuka is finally here! It’s time to recall the small flask of oil that lasted for eight days instead of one, the divine message that what seems like a small effort can accomplish miracles beyond our imagination. For a moment, think about what it would be like to find the Temple desecrated. Its majestic glory …

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Chanuka: Rising Up to Change the World


I was thinking recently that everything around us was once an idea in someone’s mind. The keyboard I’m using; this ergonomic chair that’s supposed to improve my posture (to my mother’s great delight) and only inches away, the ceramic coffee cup that holds sacred contents and declares the exact moment I plan on giving it …

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