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Jerusalem, Cry No More

When I was a student in Jerusalem many years ago, I traveled by bus around the city. Whenever I was on a bus at the “top of the hour” everyone stopped their conversations to listen to the news. It is well known that Israelis are “news junkies”. In fact if I’m not mistaken there are …

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This past month has been very dangerous and traumatic. After twenty nine days, our girls have emerged from an indoor summer program held inside our Children’s Home in Netanya. Thank G-d all of our girls are safe. If the cease fire holds, the girls will finally have a chance to go on a summer trip. …

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From Our Mailbox: Day 24

Israel is under attack through the air, the tunnels, and the media. We could be disheartened. However, for us it is a matter of life and death and we must do all we can to ensure that our people are safe and that Israel remains strong. Articles six and seven of the Hamas charter call …

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The Apple doesn’t fall from the Tree

  Over the weekend I was delighted and excited to see the Jewish newspaper called the Forward. In it, the editors identified twenty six inspiring Rabbis. Among those named were my son-in law Rabbi Eliyahu Fink of Santa Monica- Venice Beach, California and my close friend and learning partner Rabbi Aaron Fink, Eliyahu’s father from …

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You Think You Know Where U R Going In 2014??

  “Funny things happened on the way to Shabbat last week”. Two of my grandsons were coming to visit from Providence. They were being driven by my cousin who was on his way to visit his parents in Cherry Hill, NJ. However, his car overheated and he was unable to make it to New York …

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Dark days followed by days of contemplation

  This week marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of the President of the United States, This horrific event and the other four which I will briefly mention below remain deeply engulfed in my memory. I know exactly where I was when I heard the news. I can feel the the pain and shock …

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Retired Therapist and Gulf War vet visits the Home in Netanya


Valerie Knowles did not need more than smiles and giggles to communicate with our girls during her recent visit to the Children’s Home. Spending her afternoon at the Rubin-Zeffren Home, she and her friend Eileen Lowey met our Programs Director Bracha Runes who gave them a grand tour. Valerie, who is a retired colonic therapist, spent …

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Will you be at their bat mitzvah next year? Win a free flight to Israel!

American mitzvah girls at the Feb. 2013 gala

VERY exciting news! Thanks to a suggestion from Baila’s mom (see this month’s mitzvah profile) we are adding a new raffle contest to our mitzvah project program. Starting from this month, for each $100 a bat mitzvah girl raises, her name will be added to our annual ‘Fly to the Gala’ drawing. The winning name receives 1 free …

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Mazel Tov News from the Home


It’s always thrilling to report happy occasions from the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home. We have the pleasure to share two wonderfully joyous events and we know that as friends, you will be as excited as we are. Malkie G.’s Engagement Living in the Home for virtually a decade, Malkie G. has made great strides in so many ways. …

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New York family visits the Home in Netanya for second time

It’s not every day that parents with two small children who are touring Israel on a family vacation take the time out to visit a Children’s Home all the way in Netanya. But, this young family is quite unique. Friends of the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home and the Lev LaLev Fund for five years now, Avi …

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