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As I was scrolling through the TV channels last night, I came across something quite extraordinary. The national anthem was being played through sign language; then the high school football game began between California School for the Deaf and its opponent. Believe it or not California School for the Deaf won the game 44-0. They …

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One Nation- One Heart


Shavous is much more than cheesecake, blintzes, and a dairy cuisine. It is a rich Jewish Holiday which commemorates our receiving the Torah at Har Sinai. Standing at the foot of the mountain, we enthusiastically accepted the Torah proclaiming, “We will follow all of its precepts”. Shavous offers us the idea that despite worldly challenges, …

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Our Children are our Future: A Succos message

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We read in the Torah this past Shabbos about the special mitzvah of Hakel. Hakel refers to the Biblical commandment of assembling or gathering all Jewish men, woman, and children, to hear a special reading of the Torah by the King of Israel once every seven years. It says “At the end of every seven …

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The Power of One


On my way to the office today I heard a short news item which I generally place in the category of “G-d has a sense of humor”. But- there is much more to the story- it underscores the power of one. A young woman from the tri state region, I think her name was Lisa …

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It says in Devarim (Deuteronomy) 15:11 that “Without hesitation, you shall open your hand wide to the poor and needy, in your land”. Rosh Hashanah is a good time to remember the needs of our poor and unfortunate girls. In the Torah it says “If you make my people happy, I’ll make you happy”. During …

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Be Strong

Six weeks ago at the beginning of the Hebrew month of Elul, we began the Yom Naorim season- the High Holidays. We prepared ourselves to do Teshuvah (repentance) for our shortcomings and sins. Throughout the holidays, we prayed that Hashem should forgive us and provide us with a year of much bracha- an abundance of …

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107 Times, Shana Tova

Todah Rabah, thanks so much for all you do for the over one hundred orphaned and disadvantaged girls at the Lev Lalev Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel. In the merit of your kindness, friendship, and concern may you and your entire family be inscribed in the Book of Life for a bountiful, beautiful, and blessed …

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Helping Ronit

Each year right after the summer, Israel’s Ministry of Social Welfare asks us to take in new girls into our Home. Some of these girls are literally orphans and others come from very dysfunctional or violent homes. This year we have just rescued six new girls. I would like to share with you the story …

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Two Simple Words…


THANK YOU!! Thankfully with your support, and through the generosity of 4,916 contributions, we have been able to accomplish the following at Lev LaLev’s Children’s Home in Israel this year… Twelve great successes in the year 2012: Began the healing and rehabilitation process for nine new girls who we took into the Home. Instituted a …

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Being Relevant is Being Alive


I’m not sure when it happened, but somehow we all transitioned from carefree summer days into the solemnity of the High Holiday Season. There we were, perfecting our backstroke and barbecuing, when suddenly we became dizzied with school supplies and the search for a fish head. Very soon, we will be standing next to our …

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