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The headlines in the New York Times on November 11, 1938 alerted the world to the horrific actions of the Nazis. “Nazi smash, lute and burn Jewish shops and Temples”. Kristallnacht which was also referred to as The Night of the Broken Glass was a program against Jews throughout Germany. At least ninety one people …

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Mazel Tov News from the Home


It’s always thrilling to report happy occasions from the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home. We have the pleasure to share two wonderfully joyous events and we know that as friends, you will be as excited as we are. Malkie G.’s Engagement Living in the Home for virtually a decade, Malkie G. has made great strides in so many ways. …

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Witnessing a Winter Wedding Celebrated with Warmth: Our Esther Gets Married


One of the greatest joys each of us from the LevLaLev Team can derive, is to see one of our dear and precious girls stand under the wedding canopy – the chuppah, together with her intended one, about to embark on a new and wonderful life together. On the eve of January 20th, Esther was married, and …

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Two Simple Words…


THANK YOU!! Thankfully with your support, and through the generosity of 4,916 contributions, we have been able to accomplish the following at Lev LaLev’s Children’s Home in Israel this year… Twelve great successes in the year 2012: Began the healing and rehabilitation process for nine new girls who we took into the Home. Instituted a …

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MAZEL TOV: Chanukah Miracles Strike Again!


Life is full of ups and downs, but if you’re a New Yorker, these past few months have felt like a roller coaster. It began with Hurricane Sandy’s impact on the East Coast, promptly followed by the war in Israel. The sobering world climate hung heavy over our daily tasks as we found ourselves appreciating …

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Abracadabra: A Heart is Healed

  It’s easy to see why this headline I saw last week compelled me to read the entire article: Abandoned Teen Dawn Loggins Graduates from Homeless Custodian to Harvard University An abandoned girl scrubs toilets while becoming a top student and candidate for Harvard University. Just how amazing is that? Those of us who have …

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Have You Given Today?


Of everything I’m grateful for, my husband’s sister, Michal, sits close to the top of the list. From the time we first met as roommates in seminary over two decades ago (wow), I knew right away that she would always be one of the most giving people I would ever meet. Her often empty closet …

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Independence: Growing Up and Letting Go

New Picture (1)

“Where parents do too much for their children, the children will not do much for themselves.” – Elbert Hubbard Anyone that has potty-trained a child knows that true independence won’t happen until it’s wanted desperately enough. In our family, one Weinstein toddler was simply too immersed in other things and curiosity of the world to give up …

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Two Brides, Oceans Apart, both Close to my Heart

Like other brides, there was plenty to learn when I first got married. One thing was the value of ceiling fans in the kitchen and dining room, handy solutions when trying to masquerade a burnt dinner. Another thing was frying onions at the time my husband was expected home. Nothing evokes the notion of a …

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