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Deal with it!

  For those who read my blog, you know that I don’t often focus on the negative. But, this weekend was a very traumatic time. I could comment on the Malaysian 370 airplane mystery, the Putin takeover of Crimea (which is reminiscent of Germany’s invasion of Poland on Rosh Hashana 1939) or Israel’s discovery of …

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A Granddaughter’s Yom HaShoah Memorial


It is seven decades since they were gassed at Treblinka – I lost them all. I never knew them, yet I imagine their beautifully gaunt faces and frightened tear-filled eyes. They never had a chance to touch me, to see me,  to kiss me. And, I cannot even honor them by visiting their graves. I …

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Mourning and Moving Forward from Sandy Hook

Twenty bright first-graders were gunned down Dec. 14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. Six school staffers, including a teacher and a principal, also died. -ABC News

Take a look to the right of these paragraphs and scroll down until you see the option for ‘Live Traffic Feed,’ then note the countries listed. Behind each entry is someone who used their computer to access this blog containing the latest happenings of our Children’s Home and what’s on our minds. People like you …

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Surviving Sandy

Hurricane Supplies

At Lev LaLev, we’re surrounded by miracles that stretch from our office here in Monsey, New York, all the way across the Atlantic and onto the shores of Netanya, where our Children’s Home nurtures our girls. Astute readers of this blog will recall an entry from almost one year ago when I shared my own …

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Sun, Surf and….School???


This may be a bit of a shocker, especially if you’re relaxing by the pool as you read this. So get a good grip on your pina colada as I point out that, here in the US and other parts of the world, we’re just weeks away from another school year. Ooops! Did that jolt …

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Shabbat or Tisha B’Av?

Tisha B’Av, the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, is the saddest day on the Jewish calendar. A day of mourning. A day to memorialize the myriad of tragic events and persecutions throughout Jewish history and even to today. Yet, this year the 9th of Av falls on Saturday, July 28th…on the joyous day of rest, shabbat! So, …

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The Answer to Your Prayers


Here’s the first email that greeted me this morning: Mrs. Rachel Weinstein – Hi, Hello. Please, take me off your sending e-mail list. I thought it was a simple prayer request… I want you to know that I donated to an orphanage in Jerusalem, Israel a couple of years back…I never got my blessing at …

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From the Nazi Gallows to Israeli Hero: Max Hilowitz’s Miraculous Story of Survival

Max Hilowitz, Holocaust survivor, fighting in the Israel Defense Force

One month from now, Sarina Hilowitz of Savannah, Georgia will be celebrating her Bat Mitzvah, which she is twinning with one of our girls at the Rubin-Zeffren Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel. The sponsorship is in memory of her Zeyde whose life story is truly inspirational and miraculous. In honor of  Yom HaZikaron – Remembrance Day for …

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Remembering the Children on Yom HaShoah

Holocaust Memorial in Miami, Florida

Dear Rachel, Thank you very much for the greeting card that you sent me last month. The card was really beautiful and more than that the smile on the face of your Girls was tooooooooooo  beautiful. ……. I try to donate my money for a good cause. I feel that your charity have done some good …

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The Passover Seder: Bonding Generations of Children to Our Legacy of Faith

France in the late 13th century, a small family holds its seder - Therese & Mendel Metzger, “Jewish Life in the Middle Ages.”

I love Passover. Despite the strenuous efforts to prepare for it: cleaning, organizing and shopping, I still love it. Monsey is vibrant today as throngs of people strive to make this holiday the most joyous ever. But long lines and crowded parking lots can challenge this perspective, especially when coupled with lack of sleep. In …

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