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Standing Together as Israel is attacked

We at Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel are deeply blessed. Our donors don’t only contribute money but they are our family. We care about them and they care about us. Overnight, we received several emails from all over the world. We wanted to share a sampling of these with you:
-Josh has arrived back safe and sound from Kuwait! We thank G-d for his mercy and faithfulness! Also, thank you for your prayers at the Kotel! G-d hears, G-d listens, and HE as answers. We are always grateful to be able to help with the abundance we have been blessed from above. I hope the girls will stay safe amidst all the terror from Gaza. Let us all keep our emunah that G-d will save us from our enemies and bring us peace. “May there be peace within our walls and serenity within our palaces…”B’Shalom
H.G., Colorado

We stand with you in prayer. What you do for the Jewish girls in Israel is something very special. May they have a life of peace and serenity.
A.R., Geneva, Switzerland

God bless peace in Jerusalem and Middle East amen
K.M., Malaysia
We are so sorry to disturb you. Brian and I are very concerned about the girls as we saw last night that Netanya was under siege. We asked our Jewish friends on the computer if anyone knows how they are, and no one has news. We are so deeply in prayer for all of Israel. We have posted on Brian’s facebook the “Colour Red” song that the children sing, and the 15 seconds to get to safety video that we found to let people who don’t understand have an idea of what these precious people are suffering. Brian said that you may have news so we should write. We have the girl’s photos on our piano, and each time I see them I say a prayer for each one of them, and the wonderful people looking after them. We hope your family is safe, and we will pray for both their safety and your peaceful spirits in concern for them thank you so much.
S.C., Ireland

You have many challenges unfairly put upon you. You have done nothing to deserve them. But I know that you are surrounded by both new and old friends. I hope that you know that very far away, in a similarly rugged place called Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia there is another friend who you haven’t met, but is thinking about you. And that shouldn’t be a surprise to you, because there are many others in this world doing the same.
D.H., Australia

Dear Shimon,
I have heard the terrible news about the bombing from the Gaza Strip. I am sure the girls are in a safe place; however, is the bombing very close to Netanya? I pray no one is hurt even though I’m sure the girls are fighting with hard memories and experiences of the past. Please let me know how everyone is coping when you are able. Thank you. Shalom is near. Keep the girls and the caregivers safe.
R.T., Riverside, California

Au Grace Dear beloved brethren of Israel,
Greetings from the Land of Singapore in the Far East. Though i have never been to Israel, I have been a friend of Israel for a long time. My heart and my prayer go to all of you. May you be strong in your faith and do not give up. We will continue to support you both in prayers and in giving ensuring that you j west have to stay united and God will definitely have His host of angels protecting and surrounding
A.G., Singapore

As we pray for a cease fire we feel connected to those people from all over the world who care about our Lev Lalev girls.


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