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Something to Think About!

The Torah promises the Children of Israel a modest allotment of land, filled with milk and honey (but not with oil and natural resources). Thank G-d, Baruch Hashem, after being in exile for two thousand years, we returned to our homeland in 1948.

Today, the Arabs have once again revolted and Jewish lives are in danger. These attacks are part of a strategy to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. A “motivational” video which I saw yesterday says in Arabic “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem- this is pure blood-clean blood- blood on its way to Allah” (SICK).

Need I say more…. The map above tells the story: Israel is a democratic nation 1/19th the size of California surrounded by 22 hostile Arab Islamic dictatorship 640 times Israel’s size and 60 times her population.

What can be done to protect Israel and its people? Prayer, increasing acts of loving kindness and charitable giving, and standing together with Israel are the best response to the bloody and hateful actions of Islamic extremists. In 1990, just prior to the Gulf War I took a small American group to Israel. I will never forget that where ever we went we were warmly thanked by Israelis who said “Thank you for standing with us during these difficult times”.

We want to thank all of you who help Israel through your prayers, kindness, tzedakah, and care. We especially want to thank those who have made Lev Lalev, our Israeli Orphanage and Children’s Home in Netanya, your personal connection to Israel. And- if you have not yet joined our Lev Lalev family, now is the time.
Shabbat Shalom

Shimon Pepper isr-world


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