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Seventy-Seven Years Ago Today

A great and horrific tragedy began then. On September 1, 1939 Hitler’s army invaded Poland. Over the next five years over ninety percent of Polish Jewry and more than half of European Jewry were murdered by the Nazis. The effect that this had on the Jewish nation is indescribable, and the damage done to survivors remains to this very day.

There are so many lessons and so many ramifications that it is difficult to summarize what occurred and what effect it has had going forward. Perhaps one small observation that we can share is that traumatic incidents can affect someone forever more.

This is why we at Lev Lalev begin our intake process with a psychological workup, and then continue to provide personalized mental health programing for each and every one of our girls for as long as its necessary. Unfortunately, many of our Lev Lalev girls experience their “own personal September 1, 1939”. Because of the care and support of their Lev Lalev family the girls improve and succeed despite the challenges that they bring with them.tanks-general_panzers

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