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Random Acts of Loving Kindness

This Sunday we observe Tsha B’av to recall the many tragedies that befell the Jewish people throughout our history. There are two predominant thoughts that are discussed by our Rabbis. The first is that the Second Holy Temple was destroyed because of Sinas Chinam- unjustified hatred. The second is that in each generation that the Temple is not restored, it’s as if we were responsible for its destruction.

The message to us is loud and clear. Rather than being angry with people we need to show them “random acts of loving kindness”.

We can work on ourselves to reach new levels of kindness and concern.

Our girls at Lev Lalev at a special summer camp program. There, they are taught to show respect for their bunk matesF090812NS10 and fellow campers. It says in the Talmud  V’ahavta L’racha Kimocha- Love your friend as much as you love yourself.  If we all do this then we will help to ensure the rebuilding of our Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

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