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Prayer can help too

Mental Illness is on the minds of many people today. In fact, we tried to get updated information on Israel last night and all news was superseded by the death of the highly talented comedian Robin Williams. Many of our girls at Lev Lalev receive counseling. Some see social workers, other psychologists, and a few go for more intensive treatments in hospitals or with psychiatrists. Over the last couple of years we have expanded our counseling programs to include pet therapy and have found it to be quite effective. About eight months ago, initiated with a generous grant from one of our donors we began Equine therapy (horse therapy).

At the same time we take a traditional and time honored approach to helping our Israeli orphaned and disadvantaged girls through their challenges and difficulties. Since King David (Dovid H’amelech) wrote Tehilim (Psalms) this holy book has been used to pour out ones heart to Hashem. Prayer is a great antidote which helps everyone, and particularly those who feel lost, depressed, or alone.

These past five weeks have been unpredictable, dangerous, and traumatic for Israel in general and for our orphaned girls at Lev Lalev in Netanya.
Now with the cease fire holding, (G-d willing it should continue) the girls will finally have a chance to go outdoors on a well deserved trip. As this has been an extremely stressful time, we asked the girls where they would like to go. Overwhelmingly, their choice was to visit the Kotel- the Western Wall in Jerusalem. In addition to their personal prayers, they want to pray for peace and security. We are planning a trip to Jerusalem next Monday. This activity will help to strengthen each girl. Also, our girls feel a sense of responsibility to pray for others, especially those who live far away and do not have the opportunity to visit the Kotel. Our girls welcome the opportunity to GIVE by praying for the welfare of our “Lev Lalev family members “from throughout the world.

If you would like our girls to pray for you or for someone you know, just click www.levlalev.com/prayers
Our partnership is very special. Let us pray for all good things and in so doing let prayer be a tool that strengthens each and every person.



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