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Operation Protective Edge: What we are doing at Lev Lalev Orphanage in Israel

What led to Operation Protective Edge? Gaza Terrorists have fired more than 450 rockets into Israel since the beginning of 2014. Incredibly, since Israel voluntarily withdrew from Gaza in 2005, Terrorists from Gaza have fired over 8,000 rockets into Israel. Although Israel’s dome missile defense system stops many of the rockets- there is still a great danger that a rocket can hit an Israeli population center. More than a half a million Israelis have less than sixty seconds to find shelter after a rocket is launched in Gaza. Many have only fifteen seconds.

Obviously this is no way to live. Just today additional missiles have been fired from Lebanon. All three of Israel’s largest cities Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Haifa are under attack and alert. I saw a video shoot of people running away from the beach in Tel Aviv. Again, this is totally unacceptable and the Israeli military has been activated to create a protective edge.

We too at Lev Lalev are creating our own protective edge. We must ensure that all of our orphaned girls at the Home are safe. At the same time, we have begun to take in girls from Ashdod and Sderot in the South. We have established a camp in Netanya so that we can help to protect these girls who live under the constant threat of rocket attacks. Almost two hundred girls are now in our camp, twice the number that we normally have. I am pleased to report that all of the girls are getting on well despite tensions from the conflict; our girls are having a fun filled and safe summer.

Many of our friends have stepped up to help fund this expanded program. We thank everyone who has participated in our summer safety project. What you are doing is making a profound difference for these girls. You are indeed the “protective edge” for the orphaned girls at Lev Lalev and their new friends from the South.
Thank you so much, and Shabbat Shalom.

PS: If you have not yet responded to our appeal you can do so by:
=> Online: www.levlalev.com/summercamp
=> Mail: Lev LaLev’s Summer Program, POB 1210, Monsey, NY 10952
=> Phone: 845.367.7130 or 800-730-1106

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