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“TOV LEHODOS LAHASHEM ULEZAMER LESHIMCHO ELYON” We give thanks to Hashem and we rejoice in His compassion. It’s been a very traumatic month for Israel and the Jewish people. Yet, it could have been much worse. I have written before about two miracles: the iron dome is in fact the hand of G-d, the technology created in time to prevent the murder and destruction of countless Israelis. Also, had Hamas not continued their rocket fire, the Israeli IDF would not have entered Gaza and destroyed dozens of tunnels (we know that Hamas planned a massacre through the tunnels for this Rosh Hashana.
Today- before Shabbat I received a email which listed many miracles that occurred this month.
Let’s thank Hashem for his compassion and concern

EYGPT- A missile is a lethal weapon which when it explodes can cause loss and damage to many humans. One missile hit Egypt and seven citizens were killed and twenty two injured. Hashem is showing us the power of one missile.

ASHDOD- A missile fell next to a gas station that contained 35 000 liters of gasoline. The gasoline started to burn and there was great fear what damage it would cause if it would explode. The firemen said that it was a great miracle.

ASHDOD- A missile fell into an empty shopping mall. No-one was hurt.

ASHDOD- A missile fell in the parking lot next to a wedding hall with many people. The explosion was louder than the band yet the guests continued dancing.. No-one was hurt.

AZZA (Gaza)- After much debate whether to disconnect Gaza’s electricity, a bomb went off “mistakenly” and took out the electricity of 50,000 residents, delaying the Hams plan to continue to bomb and destroy Israel.

BE’ER SHEVA- A missile fell in a soccer field exactly after a big group of young boys were playing there. No-one was hurt!!

BE’ER SHEVA- A missile fell 5cm away from a gas balloon and didn’t explode! No-one was hurt!!

RISHON LETZION- An anti-missile from the iron dome fell 30cm next to six gas balloons and didn’t explode! Centimeters that separated between a miracle and a catastrophe. No-one was hurt!!

SHAAR HANEGEV- Girls went out their home to get some fresh air and a missile fell into their bedrooms. No one was hurt!!
A SMALL VILLAGE NEAR JERUSALEM- A missile fell in a porch of someone’s house and didn’t explode! No-one was hurt!!

CHOLON- A missile just missed a little boy by a quarter of a second. No one was hurt!!

NES TZIYONA- A missile fell in the middle of a busy street. No-one was hurt!!

TEL AVIV- A big fragment of a missile fell at a gas station very close to the gasoline pump. No-one was hurt!!

ASHKELON- A missile fell in an abandoned factory. No-one was hurt!!

NETIVOT- A missile hit the courtyard of a house where the kindergarten children had just gone home for the day. No-one was hurt!!

NETIVOT- on Shabbos afternoon there was a siren. A family who lives on the top floor started to ignore the many sirens. Yet this time, the mother decided that they would go down to the shelter. A missile fell into the kitchen and destroyed it- but- no-one was hurt!!

SHARSHERET- A kashrus supervisor went to inspect a greenhouse in the Eshkol region. He finished his inspection and went on to his next job. An hour later he heard that a missile had landed exactly in the greenhouse. No-one was hurt!!

BE’ER SHEVA, TEL AVIV, BENEI BRAK- Missiles fell in open areas over and over again. How many open areas are there in tiny Israel (which is the size of the State of New Jersey). Many sirens have been sounded; almost 3,000 rockets have been launched and no civilians died or were injured from the rocket attacks.

On Shabbat we will discuss the war with the girls at Lev Lalev Orphanage in Netanya. At a time of war, and suffering, there is a great opportunity to strengthen ones belief system. We try to take the good out of even the most horrible situations. Let us hope that the war ends; that peace prevails; and that all people can live together with respect and unity.

Shabbat Shalom.


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