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Tonight is the baseball all-star game in San Diego. As I was driving to the office I was thinking about the all-star game which I attended exactly fifty-five years ago (1961). The game was played in Boston at venerable Fenway Park (it was the second of two all-star games that were played for a few years). The game was dull and ended in a one to one tie after nine innings. I remember Rocky Colovita hit a home run for the American league. The reason the game ended in a tie was it began to rain at the end of the ninth inning.

As they say “What does this have to do with the price of tea in China?” Well- two things: Firstly, I saw the game with my father, my uncle, and my cousin. Secondly, even though I was only eleven years old I have a vivid, strong, and warm feeling about the day.

Memories are made and leave deep impressions in all of us. For me, this memory and many more which I had about my family remains imbedded and has had a positive effect on me forever. In contrast many people including virtually all of our orphaned and our disadvantaged girls at the Lev Lalev Home in Israel do not have fond and warm memories. But they too remember and unfortunately their memories have shaped their world. The therapy and personal counseling that we give them is critical. Our goal is to help them go beyond their sad memories.memory

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