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Mazel Tov! Sari is a Kallah!

Our dear Sari, who came to our home thirteen years ago as a little orphaned girl, is getting married next Wednesday, February 11. Thanks to your help, she has blossomed into a capable young woman, and is now ready to start her own life with her soon to be husband from Jerusalem.

Sari has no family to support her, and lacks the funds to pay for her wedding expenses. Our young bride has no mother to turn to for her needs, but she does have YOU!
==> www.levlalev.com/sari <==

On Friday, I received a call from Bracha, Lev Lalev’s Program Director, that Sari still needs $11,500 for her wedding expenses. I assured her that we will do our utmost to put together the amount she needs.
Your ongoing support helped Sari reach this joyous day. I am writing to you today to ask you to help our dear Sari set up her new home with dignity and joy. Can we count on you?

Here’s how you can help:
=> Please visit www.levlalev.com/sari to donate online.
=> If you prefer, checks may be mailed to:
Sari’s Bridal Fund * c/o Lev LaLev Fund * POB 1210 * Monsey, NY 10952

If you have any questions, ideas, or know anyone else who might be interested in helping Sari, please contact me at 845.367.7130 ext. 102 or chavi@levlalev.com.
May we share many simchos–joyous occasions together!


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