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Love Begets More Love-Hate Begets More Hate

The headline in the Israeli press this morning: Terror Continues. Yesterday there was another stabbing at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City. It was the eleventh terror attack in the last five months there in the heart of Jerusalem.

Earlier in the day Tuvia Weisman- a twenty one year old married man entered a supermarket with his wife and four month old baby. Two young fourteen year old terrorists stabbed him to death and wounded another person.

Love begets more love, and hatred brings about more hatred. What they teach in the Palestinian schools to children as young as four years old is that revenge and murder is a noble action. Can you imagine teaching hate and murder in a kindergarten class?!

As we approach Shabbos, I was thinking about the brachos that I give to my children at the Shabbat table. On Friday, before Shabbos I call our married kids too to give Shabbos bracha to them and to their children.
This “priestly benediction” ends with the following words “May the Lord lift up his face and give you peace”. Yes- love begets more love, and results in peace, security, and happiness. And- hate brings about destruction, animosity, and murder.

The concept seems so simple to me. I cannot understand why people are so hateful- vengeful- and out of control.
Shabbos is not only the day of rest but it is the time of peace. May Hashem bring you- our girls at the Lev Lalev Orphanage, all the people in Israel and throughout the world peace- and may our enemies understand that love brings order and sanity to the world.

birchas kohanimGood Shabbos

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