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Looking Forward to a Sweet New Year

Rosh Hashanah is a little more than four weeks away. Many of our friends have purchased Rosh Hashanah cards from Lev Lalev in the past, and we thank you! We are pleased to offer these cards, once again this year.

=> www.levlalevcards.com <=

Your purchase will:
• Support Lev Lalev Orphanage in Netanya.
• Recognize the personal achievements of our young artists who penciled and designed these lovely and meaningful cards.
• Let your loved ones know that you care- and that you are bringing them warm wishes for a Sweet New Year – 5775.
This project is a special fundraiser for the girls themselves. The proceeds will be used to fund a special arts & crafts project for the girls. Therefore- your Rosh Hashanah card purchase will not only bring joy to the recipients, but it will bring happiness to our dear orphaned and disadvantaged girls at the Children’s Home in Israel.
We want to send you your Rosh Hashanah cards on time so that you will have the time to address them and send them out- so please order them TODAY.

You can do so by:
• Visiting our online store www.levlalevcards.com
• Calling our office 845-367-7130 or 800-630-1106


On behalf of the girls at Lev Lalev, we wish you a sweet and healthy year.


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