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This past month has been very dangerous and traumatic. After twenty nine days, our girls have emerged from an indoor summer program held inside our Children’s Home in Netanya. Thank G-d all of our girls are safe.

If the cease fire holds, the girls will finally have a chance to go on a summer trip. As this has been such a stressful time, we offered the girls the choice as to where they would like to go; overwhelmingly they said to Jerusalem, to the Kotel (Western Wall). We are planning this trip for Monday of next week and will also include a picnic and barbeque. This activity is very important as it allows the girls the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and “manage their stress”.

So many people responded to our request to help our orphaned girls during these dark days. Thank you very much!
It is interesting that this cease fire (unlike the first six or seven) is holding as we prepared this blog. Today is the tenth of Av, the Hebrew date that corresponds to the day after Tsha Ba’av, the Jewish people’s most tragic day on our calendar.

As the Israeli delegation prepares to meet in Cairo, let’s hope that the negotiations will ensure that Israel’s security needs are met. The three thousand rockets launched by Hamas terrorists placed Israel under tremendous stress.

Now is the time to renew our daily routine. It is a time for us to provide our orphaned girls with physical and emotional security.

Thank you for helping to put smiles on the faces of our Lev Lalev orphaned girls, and thank you for standing with Israel.

Shimon Pepper, MSW


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