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Kotel Trip

We want to thank you for all you do for the girls at Lev LaLev. Our girls made great progress this past year due in large measure to your support, prayers, and friendship.
Now, they would like to do something for you. Next week they will be visiting the Kotel in Jerusalem. Carrying individual prayer requests, they will fervently pray and open their hearts for peace in Israel and security throughout the world.

They will also pray for you and your loved ones, their extended Lev Lalev family. The Torah tells us that Hashem hears the cries of widows and orphans; so, what better advocate can you have then these precious orphaned girls.

Please submit your prayers with your names on it.

Their visit to Jerusalem, culminating with praying at the Kotel, plays a very important role in the spiritual health and development of our girls. They benefit greatly by praying for those who help and support them.
May all of your prayers be answered speedily, and may Hashem grant you health, happiness, and an abundance of blessings.Prayer

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