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It’s not how far you but how much you do that counts

Recently on my blog I reflected on how far it was from New York to Netanya. Jared responded and said something quite profound which I wanted to share. He said “We are always measuring but it’s not how far you go but how much you do”.

Isn’t that so? Most of our staff at Lev Lalev lives within the city limits of Netanya. Most of the staff has never actually left Israel. But each day they travel a short distance while making an enormous impact on the orphaned and disadvantaged girls under their charge. Likewise, our professional and volunteer team in New York travels less than seven minutes by car to our office. But they too affect the lives of orphans not by a millimeter or two, but by miles and miles.

One of my Rabbis once gave an example of why it’s important to remain steadfast and well placed. He said that we can learn a lesson from the space program. If a missile is successfully pre set at exactly where it belongs then it will successfully reach its destination. But, on the other hand, if the missile on the launching pad is off by even a minute amount it will veer far away from its target as it moves further and further into space.

This is why it is so crucial to help each of our orphaned girls find her precise place in life as early as possible. We appreciate all the help that we receive from our Lev Lalev donors and friends from around the world. To quote our friend Jared “it’s not how far you go but how much you do”. We are blessed with so many who do so much.

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