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Its March magic at Lev Lalev


We at Lev Lalev Orphanage are blessed with friends and donors from all over the world. Truly, there is a great magnetic pull that attracts people to support Israel, people who are less fortunate and especially our girls at Lev Lalev. I love geography, sociology, and community. So- when we have a donor from an exotic place I like to find out about the place where the donor comes from. As it happens we have a number of contributors from Gibraltar. For those who like me would like to learn something about the Jewish community of Gibraltar here is a link: http://www.jewishgibraltar.com/index.php

 While I haven’t visited yet, it must be a very special place because the people that are part of Lev Lalev family from Gibraltar are very special. One of them, LA is a frequent donor to the Orphanage.  Beyond his generosity and concern he has a special talent which he will be sharing with the girls in a few weeks. Mr. A has volunteered to do a magic show for the girls, something he did once before. The reviews were magnificent, and he will return to Netanya to entertain the girls just before Purim. I joked with him that it is ironic and coincidental that we have a magician in our house as well. Whenever I give my wife money, she makes it disappear. But somehow I am sure that our good friend from Gibraltar has more tricks than my wife.

On a serious note, it is wonderful that Mr. A and our many donors help to bring joy (even magic) to our girls at the Home. There is a great spirit of generosity and support which binds our Lev Lalev family together.

And- Thank G-d- our results are often magical.



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