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Yesterday morning I was seriously thinking that I needed to begin a very strict and controlled diet to lose a significant amount of weight. My wish is to lose over one hundred pounds, run again in a half or full marathon, and raise much needed fund for the girls at the Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home in Israel. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had this idea and of course I planned to procrastinate and begin “sometime in the near future”. Then, at around 2:00 pm yesterday afternoon, I got a phone call that the wife of a very dear friend suddenly collapsed and passed away. She was a wonderful woman -only fifty one years old with four children, three who are still unmarried.

So, as Robin Williams said in the 1992 classic movie The Dead Poets Society: It’s now time to “seize the moment”. Here is what I will do and I’d like you, to become my partner. I will donate $10 for each pound I lose between now and next September (September 1, 2015). Further, should I be healthy enough to enter a marathon I will donate an additional $500; and if I complete the marathon, I will give another $500. To give you the BIG picture, my commitment for a successful program could generate a donation of over $2,500.

I am asking you to join me for the first part of this project. Your support and encouragement will not only give me a huge incentive to succeed, but more importantly your donation will allow us to help provide for extracurricular activities. My goal is to raise $25,000 so that we can give the orphaned and disadvantaged girls an extraordinary after school program which will include dance, gym, music, and arts and crafts.

I know a year is a long time away- but I am asking you to make a commitment now, over and above your annual donation to Lev Lalev. Whether you pledge a dollar a pound, $2, $5 or more, your response will hopefully make me the big loser and the girls the big winners.

You can let me know your intentions and/or give me words of encouragement by emailing me at shp@levlalev.com

Thank you and may your response inspire me to reach my personal goal and help the orphaned and disadvantaged girls at Lev Lalev.

Shimon Pepper, shp@levlalev.com

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