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Martin Luther King delivered this powerful message on August 28, 1963. A few weeks later on September 14th I celebrated my Bar Mitzvah.  I did not make a “I have a dream speech that day”. Well- I did not deliberately refer to this message. What I did speak about was my responsibility to help make the world a better place. I was guided then (as I am now) by a powerful statement which I learned from my parents. “While you may not be able to complete a task that in no way should prevent you from initiating that task”.

It served to educate me on the meaning of responsibility. Over the years, I have had many opportunities to create new programs and projects to help improve the lives of those in need.

Today I am focused on helping young and vulnerable children who desperately need a second chance to succeed. Over one hundred Israeli orphaned and disadvantaged girls at the Lev Lalev Home in Netanya, Israel require a “Tipol” a fixing to help them see the light after a life of darkness.

Even after more than forty years working in the Jewish community I continue to have many dreams.

May the girls at Lev Lalev receive the care, hope, and inspiration to reach a life of happiness and security.

May Israel be secure and may all its citizens live in peace.

May children everywhere heal- and may they not suffer under oppression or parental malfeasance.

Together, we can dream of a better world and together we can support and pray for those in need. Thank you for partnering with us in doing good by helping to lift up the week and vulnerable.torah

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