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Holding Israel to a Higher Standard


Many years ago when I lived in Houston, Texas I had the privilege to have breakfast with Eli Wiesel. The United Nations was debating whether to equate Zionism with racism. (This of course is absurd). I’ll never forget what Mr. Wiesel said that morning “There are many who complain that Israel and Jews are held to a higher (double) standard. He said-thankfully-this is so and let’s hope that it remains. Rather than fight this notion let’s hope that the world will continue to accept more from Jews and that we respond in kind”. After all in the Torah it says Kidoshim Teyu you shall be a holy people and live with the code of ethics that I expect of you.

At Lev Lalev Children’s Home and Orphanage in Netanya, Israel we understand this to mean that we must give our girls the moral and ethical compass to set them apart from others. We shower them with compassion and in so doing teach them how to grow to adulthood. They learn that it is much better to give then to receive and this is why many of our graduates become counselors at the Orphanage.

It is also why our girls participate in assisting in our fundraising efforts. 4 of our girls sketched Purim cards a few years ago and asked that we offer them for sale to help raise money for activities at the Home. Now once again this year we are selling these colorful and attractive cards. So please visit our website at LevLalev.com. Not only will these sales help the Orphanage but your purchase will make an “Orphaned Artist” feel like a million shekels.



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  1. quinton B

    I understand what you are saying- but don’t you feel that it is unfair that people make it so hard for you and your people. Her in the Sudan, we wonder about why there is so much hate in the world. It seems to me that Jews are good and should be treated with respect
    Shalom quinton

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