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Heart to Heart

On the Shabbat before Purim we read a special section from the Torah called Zocher which means remember. We are told to remember what Amelek did to us when he attacked the Children of Israel in the desert. Of the 613 mitzvot, three pertain to Amelek. Remember what Amelek did to us; don’t forget what he did to Israel; and totally wipe out and destroy Amelek. Yes Amelek attacked the Jewish people and refused to give us food and drink. But- it seems harsh and “over the top” to react with such hostility.

There are many answers suggested by our Rabbis as to why we should treat Amelek this way. Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsh, a nineteenth century Rabbi suggests an answer that we can most definitely relate to. Amelek attacked the Jews from behind. This suggests that he picked on our weakest and most fragile. What Rabbi Hirsh teaches us is that our job and national mission is to “wipe away Amelek”- meaning to make certain that even the weakest and most vulnerable among us are given food and drink, clothing and shelter, compassion and support.

We at Lev Lalev understand this message. We give our orphaned and disadvantaged girls the tools they need to succeed. We are able to do this in large measure because of the love, concern, and generosity of people like you. Your support makes the critical difference and we thank you.


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