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Happy New Year!

The snow is falling here in Monsey as we say goodbye to 2009 and usher in 2010. The new year always means a nice fresh start.  We have the proverbial “clean slate”. We make resolutions, plan to do better, apologize for our mistakes, and try to move on from our short comings. For everyone, the new year is filled with excitement as we look forward to what is in store for the coming twelve months, and hopefully, there is satisfaction and a sense of gratitude for all the experiences we had in the year that is drawing to a close.

We at Lev laLev are moving on from one of the most productive and eventful years we have had as an organization so far. In the past twelve months, many changes have taken place at the Rubin Zeffren Children’s Home. We’ve had new faces join us in Netanya and we have had the joy of seeing a few of our older girls leave The Home to start families of their own. With the help of a generous grant from the Jewish Federation of Orange County as well as contributions from private donors, we were able to build a new playground for all the girls to enjoy. We’ve made serious strides towards hiring a career counselor for the older girls in The Home, so they can receive valuable counseling on transitioning into self sufficiency.

As we start this new decade, we have high hopes for our precious girls. We want to be able to offer the option of higher education. We want our girls to have the right clothing and jackets, so they are never cold on Chanukah. We want to provide all necessary mental health counseling so girls can move on from their troubled pasts.  We also want our girls to have FUN in the upcoming year! We want to have birthday parties, music classes, and art supplies.

We look back with gratitude for all the accomplishments of the past year, but we can’t help but worry for the futures of our girls. Their lives have less certainty than we have been blessed with. Will we be able to provide for their needs in 2010? Our answer is very much in your hands. Lets all make tzedakah and charity one of our resolutions this year, and improve the lives of others as we strive to improve ourselves. A tax deductible contribution can be made for our girls at www.levlalev.com.

A Healthy and Joyful New Year to Everyone!

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