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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was observed in the United States yesterday. It is a day when all of us can celebrate and show appreciation to our mothers. Most of us are quite fortunate that we have been raised by Moms whose compassion and strength has shown us the way.

Unfortunately many of our girls at Lev Lalev have had a difficult time. Many of their families have been fractured; some lost their Moms at a young age; others have mothers who are too weak to care for them.While the help and support of the Lev Lalev family does not replace their mothers, each of you makes a difference in the lives of our girls.mothers dayWe cannot replace the love that a mother gives to her children but what we can do is provide each with the necessary tools and second chance to help her succeed. Our Children’s Home in Netanya is a warm home with a staff that cares as much if not more about the Lev Lalev girls then their own children, because- the girls at Lev Lalev need them so much.

Yesterday was a special day in our family. In the morning we celebrated the Bar Mitzvah of our grandson Rami. Three of Rami’s four great grandmothers attended the event, both of his grandmothers, and of course his mother and father. My son in law made the point by giving each of these wonderful ladies a rose (in the color that they like the most). It was beautiful and memorable.

I hope that each of you had a special Mother’s day as well. Take pride in the fact that in some way you help to provide motherly love and support for our girls. Hopefully each of them will grow up and have the opportunity to guide their children.

Happy Mother’s Day.


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