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Gold, Silver or Bronze

 I’m sure that you’ve never wondered how a fundraiser thinks about the Olympics. While most people think about the various medals that the most outstanding athletes earn, I equate these levels of success with levels of donations. This week we at Lev Lalev, the Girls Orphanage in Israel are posting on our website a list of projects and priority programs which will significantly enhance the quality of life of our orphaned and disadvantaged girls. We are promoting our honor role with opportunities to donate at various levels. We would love to give out as many “gold, silver, and bronze recognitions as possible. Take a look at our donation levels and if you can “jump the extra distance”, “score the extra goal” or “go the extra mile” we would love to recognize you for your “Olympic generosity”.


All of the athletes train extensively in order to compete. But- to respond to our campaign only takes a small amount of energy. On the other hand just as the successful Olympian feels good about their commitment, so does each and every donor who steps up to the mountain to make a gift for the less fortunate girls at Lev Lalev.  I see myself as the coach who helps to prepare donors to enter the charitable Olympics. Each donor makes a Herculean difference in the lives of our Israeli Orphaned Girls. Join me in the winner’s circle and help our girls reach their potential.

As they say in Sochi “  Dobry Dyen” Have a good day.


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  1. Guy lemange

    Whether your canadian or american or from any other country everyone who supports levlalev deserves a gold…. I viisted once from montreal and i wasmoved by your work merci

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