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General Motors and Lev Lalev


On this blog, I generally don’t comment on current events. This morning, however, I was struck by a front-page N.Y. Times article announcing that Mary Barra has been named the Chief Executive of General Motors. Beyond the fact that she is the first woman to head a major automobile company in the United States, what interested me is that she began a career at General Motors immediately out of high school and has remained there  for the past thirty three years.

What does all this say to me?  Women, including our Lev Lalev girls, can rise to great heights (with the proper love, encouragement, and education). Even those who come from humble beginnings can reach high positions. Most of our Lev Lalev girls too ( including Ora who you may have read about on the Lev Lalev website) began their education through a basic technical post high school program.

There is still much to be said for loyalty. At Lev Lalev it comes in three forms:

Our key staff has been at the Home for ten years or longer.

Our orphaned girls who remain in the Netanya area often tutor and help younger girls   even after they graduated and move out of the Home.

You, our Lev Lalev donors are extremely loyal. Lev Lalev has several hundred donors who have joined our ‘” Partners in Change” programs- those who give recurring monthly gifts. And we have some donors who have donated 50-75-100 or even 150 times or more since we began our funding project for Lev Lalev in 2006.

Everything is possible! Especially- because you are there and you care.  

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  1. ryana rokowsky

    What a nice message for young women growing up today

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