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From Our Mailbox: Day 24

Israel is under attack through the air, the tunnels, and the media. We could be disheartened. However, for us it is a matter of life and death and we must do all we can to ensure that our people are safe and that Israel remains strong. Articles six and seven of the Hamas charter call for the destruction of Israel and for the deaths of Israelis and Jews everywhere. In light of this, Israelis must remain strong and vigilant. Personally when I feel alone and isolated I look toward our worldwide friends who continue to send us letters and emails of support and concern. While we are raising funds to ensure that the girls at Lev Lalev Orphanage and Children’s Home have what they need, we also are “friend raising”. Close to a thousand people, have responded to our appeal since the last week in June. In addition, dozens of people have sent us their prayers and good wishes.

Following are just a few examples, of the correspondence we received.

The work that you All do for The Young Girls at The Orphanage and especially the expanded summer program for those girls from the most troubled areas is so wonderful and heartwarming. The People of Israel are going through SO much and only those who are True Friends of Israel know this and don’t believe the lies fed to them by the media from the Palestinians. To live with the constant threat from Hamas and the rest of your enemies must be unbearable to say the least! You Are All Very Brave! Much Love and Hugs to All of You!
Rebecca, Gosport, United Kingdom

I’m keeping constant tabs on the war in Gaza and my thoughts and heart-felt prayers are attached to Israel and all its citizens. I love you all so much and my heart goes out to all those in constant danger of these indiscriminant missile attacks. Please continue to pray for the IDF, army, Navy and Air force that they keep going. Stay safe and keep loving and encouraging one another. Stay safe and keep praying for the peace of Jerusalem.
Jason, Penrith, Australia

To all the girls at Lev LaLev: Be strong! G-d is with you. We all have you in our prayers, along with all Israel.
Dr. L, Highland Park, IL

We stand together with Israel. Here in Malaysia the government and many people don’t understand or appreciate what Israel is going through. In our 15,000 person congregation we love Israel and pray that Israel will continue to serve as a shining light in the Middle East and throughout the world. Please accept my donation and my prayers. The work you do should be blessed from above and the Jewish people should live on forever.
HO, Malaysia
Great! Hashem should protect the orphans and we should hear only good things in Israel. I wish we had more to give. Hashem should bless us with the ability to contribute more.
Zack, England

In addition the one hundred orphaned and disadvantaged girls who live in our Home in Netanya, we have helped other girls from the South by bringing them to the Orphanage for our summer camp program. There is dictum in Jewish thought which says everyone is responsible for one another. We have taken this principle seriously over the summer, providing girls in need with a safe haven and showing our orphaned girls what responsibilities are are.


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