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From our Mail Box. The power of prayer, tradition, and family

E.R. from Kentucky writes: “Two and a half years ago, the girls took my prayer request to the Wailing Wall and my prayer was answered swiftly. I wasn’t able to donate at the time, and I’m so glad to be able to give this small amount now. God bless these girls”.

K.M. from Washington State sent us a very generous donation for her Bat Mitzvah with a note that read in part “I have chosen to donate to Lev Lalev because I want to help girls my age have the ability to take part in the numerous opportunities that life has to offer. I know that this donation will help other young woman prepare, and have the chance to have their own Bat Mitzvah. I pray that it will be as memorable as mine was”.

L.R. from Massachusetts writes “This donation stems from and Honors the Infinite Light of the Zohar… I’d like to set up a weekly automatic Erev Shabbos donation of $55”.

D.S. from Allentown, PA writes that the donation made was from the SECOND GRADE CLASS at Temple Beth El.

Many people sent notes of Mazel Tov to our newest Kallah Sari and her Chatan Eitan who were married in Yerushalayim last week (just before the snowstorm).

A new friend from New York City was so moved by our recent email that she wrote one single word: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

From the world over we received many requests for Tzedakah boxes. If you are waiting for yours, please be patient, it will go out very shortly.

A Law Office in New York City sent us a sizable gift as a legacy from the late father of one of our Lev Lalev ongoing donors.

Jewish Charity binds us together as we provide support for orphans in Israel. What you do not only helps to feed and clothe Israeli orphaned children but gives them hope, comfort, and a new life.


  1. Deborah Greenberg

    I would like to put out ur pushkas at the local stores in my neighborhood as they are not currently being displayed in the local Far ROckaway Five Towns neighborhood, Can you get on touch and let me know if I can be your ambassador in this neighborhood thanks

    1. Shimon Pepper

      Deborah thank you so much and chag sameach how many pushkes would you like? you most certainly can organize this in the 5 towns and far rockaway area. I am sending you a follow up email and including my associate so that everyone will be in the loop. you will soon get an email from me at shp@levlalev.com

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