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From Monsey to Netanya its inches away


It’s 5,638 miles or 9,073 Kilometers from Monsey N.Y. to Netanya, Israel. Monsey is where the Lev Lalev Fund has its office. From here we raise funds, promote our work, and oversee certain aspects of our operation all to ensure that the Orphanage in Netanya, Israel has the resources necessary to help our girls.

Five thousand miles is far away- but- in our times with just one click on the computer, one email, one phone call, or one text message the distance is just one action away. I was thinking about this after receiving a wonderful call and then several follow up emails from Susan C. of Northern Ireland. She and her husband had recently made a donation to help our orphaned girls. We sent her a picture of one of our orphans to Tandragree.

 In response, she wrote to us “My husband and I decided to give one another a Valentine’s Day treat…. Another donation for the girls at Lev Lalev. We love you and will pray for your tireless work. We pray for peace in Jerusalem. You are part of our family….. Tell the girls they are beautiful and precious and that we love them”.

Columbus and Magellan had to sail for weeks to reach their destination. Marco Polo traveled for months before he found the Silk way. But all you need to do to reach out to our orphaned girls at Lev Lalev Orphanage is to click  the button in front of you. Help an orphaned girl by “traveling through cyber space” today.

Thank you



  1. rikki souza

    Knock knock whose there marco marco who… marco poland….

  2. Jared Pincotte

    We are always measuring. You gave me something to think about > it’s not how far you go but how much you do. Jared-

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