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From Darkness to Light

We’ve been asked by many of our donors how are the girls doing? I am relieved to share with you that all of our girls and all of their “guests” who joined us from the South this summer are all well. Unfortunately two of the fathers of those who joined us this summer were wounded in Gaza; Thank G-d not seriously.

Now the girls are enjoying the outdoors and we’ve planned a few trips over the next two weeks.
The “open air” is in contrast to the previous four weeks when our girls remained inside the Home except for a few minutes each day in our courtyard where we have playground equipment. One of the girls told the counselors that she felt like she had been in prison, just like her father. She said that she never understood what her father felt being locked up until now. She said that she felt that she was in a deep black hole with nowhere to go. When she came outside without the warning sirens she expressed tremendous relief.

While our girls were inside our counselors worked very hard to give the girls a fun time. They participated in arts and crafts activities; they worked on the computer, exercised and danced, and played a lot of quiet games. I am sure that all of us can envision what this is like, twelve to fifteen hours a day. After a few days all the girls began to “climb the walls”. Now Thank G-d these walls have been opened.

We want to thank the more than six hundred people who responded to our request to help us during these difficult times. We are blessed to have each of you in the Lev Lalev family. You not only help to feed Israeli children but through your Chesed you provide our Jewish Orphans with a better life. In Hebrew, tikun olam means fixing the world. There are two different directions that a Mitzvah like this can take. One is to try to change the world in its totality. The other is to help to better the world one person at a time. What you do for our orphaned Israeli girls is nothing short of tikun olam. It says in the Talmud that to save one life is to save an entire generation.

Your donations in general and specifically over this summer have “saved” the lives of an entire generation. Your legacy is that our Jewish Orphans will succeed.


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