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From darkness to light: Our Prayers

Earlier this morning my son and his wife named their new daughter Meira which means “out of the light”. She received this name as a reflection of the fact that she was born on Chanukah. In a sentence, she was born from the light and the warmth of the universe. Our prayer to her is that she should bring light (justice, truth and joy) to her family and to the world.

Our girls at Lev Lalev come to us from darkness; our Home is often their first ray of light. Each day, the light gets brighter and brighter. Let us pray and hope that all of our girls, indeed all those who suffer from darkness and pain, find their light speedily and without any additional trauma.

Yesterday I placed a follow up phone call to one of Lev Lalev’s dear friends from Washington State. I had been on the phone with her a week ago when her doctor called her to give her an update on her “condition”. When I spoke with her yesterday, she said her doctor was astounded that she was now free of her illness. She said that a great burden had fallen off her shoulders. She now felt “lighter” and was looking forward to the future. She spoke about new adventures such as parachuting and bungee jumping.

Today, on the last day of Chanukah, let us hope that the lights from Chanukah continue to burn brightly for all of us throughout the year. In particular, let us hope that our girls at Lev Lalev Children’s Home in Netanya, Israel continue to bask in the sunlight of our Home.



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